Nov 17, 2007

Hangin 'in dare

It's been a little hectic, but ok. Grandma seems to be doing as well as she can. Today we cleaned her house and cooked for them. Grandpa even got into the act and vacuumed and dusted. Of all the damn times not to have my camera! She is really weak but perked up a bit when we sat around after dinner and exchanged funny stories about riding the amtrak. It was so nice to see her smile.

Aaaah... we LOL-ed.

Too bad when I LOL, I pee :(
Gawd-damned irrectile bladder constipation syndrome.

Being in her house still gives me that warm fuzzy feeling that if you're fortunate to have had a good Grandma, you still feel like a child. Standing in the kitchen doing the dishes, I had a view of the back yard where I played in the sprinker, swung on the willow and rescued wayward garden snakes. So, I was a weirdo. Don't judge me..
The side area where I made mad mud pies and riding Grandpa's bike all over the neighborhood. (Ask me if I didn't hurt my pootie poo on that bike a few times)
The canal I wasn't supposed to play in and the way she overlooked it anyways. Never in my life have I mourned my childhood as I do right now. If only the time machine built out of a box Grandpa brought me could transport me back to live it again, if only for a brief moment..

Nov 13, 2007

On my way

i will be flying out in the morning to be with my Grandma. those suspicious nodules turned out to be hundreds of tumors filling her lungs. they gave her just a short amount of time left.
she is Gran, my constant, and my friend. she never forgot me even when everybody else did. i know this will be our last visit...
i'll keep ya posted.

Nov 5, 2007

Due to the sheer exhaustion, grief and an overwhelming work load, I am stepping back briefly to play catch up. I love you all, and will check on you periodically but right now I am just overwhelmed. See you all soon...