Oct 31, 2007

Rest in Peace Sweet Boy

Our baby passed on Monday night.
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Good bye our constant companion.
Our light and laughter.
The truest joy ever brought into our lives.

You will be missed best friend.


Oct 26, 2007

Longest week ever..

My absence hasn't been deliberate, it has just been one of those weeks. Besides the stress of my Grandma, our little Nietzsche has fallen ill and has been in critical condition. The vet thinks he has some sort of immune disorder that is also causing jaundice, too much blood clotting, and internal bleeding. He is on IV's and has had one blood transfusion. So far he is doing better. He has perked up a little and seemed excited to see us yesterday. We even got some kisses which he hasn't given us since he has been feeling bad. If you know us, you know we are absolutely crazy about our pets. Please keep him in your prayers if your the praying sort. We can't bear to loose our wonder Chihuahua..

Oct 23, 2007

The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised. ~George F. Will, The Leveling Win

I found out last night that my Grandmother, whom I am very close too has some suspicious nodules on her lungs. I am praying for the best but bracing for the worst. All I can do right now is wait..


It doesn't hurt to be optimistic. You can always cry later. ~Lucimar Santos de Lima

Oct 19, 2007

If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation?

It's FRIDAY!!!

My counterpart here at work just went in to have a hysterectomy so..

I will be here all my lonesome doing both jobs. I'm not gripping here. I am glad she went in because I am tired of her constant whining her being in pain.

Ok low blow, but hey.. I said it too her face.

I swear to God I did.. God, I love Donny Baker!

Made a deposit @ the casino last night. Riding with father in law is an adventure in of itself. Lost my shirt (metaphorically speaking), but the father-in-law had pity on me and gave me back the $400.00 bucks I fed the beast.

I iz a poker jean-yus I tell ya!
It sez feed me and I ooohblige!

That's about all I got folks. All I want to know is- Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, "I think I'll squeeze these dangly things here and drink what comes out"?

If you can answer me that, you get a free ride on the magic dragon.

Oct 17, 2007

The Mommy Ring

This is the ring I got my Mom for her birthday. I learned alot about how life can change, and how strong the Mother-daughter relationship can be despite 30 years of separation. My Mom had her share of demons and had to break her cycle of abusive men and drugs. She's paid her dues and now is such a remarkable women. This summer taught me that it's never too late if you're willing to work on it. I found that she and I are kindred spirits of a sort because we are almost identical in our ways of doing things. None of it learned, but innate. Neither miles nor years have taken that away. The women I was so hard on for so many years is actually a big part of me and who I am. I am glad I found out how much I love and cherish her before it was too late.
Thank you Mom. I love you.

Oct 16, 2007

Oct 15, 2007


Aaaah.. weekends.

Saturday in bed again. All day. Fingers swollen, body aching, down and out lupus stuff. Feeling sorry for myself. Almost went the whole day without smoking though. Then I realized I hadn't smoked all day and had to run outside to remedy it. Same for food. I won't be a bit hungry and then I realize there is cake and I have to run to the kitchen to remedy that too. Ain't OCD a bitch? It's like I can't shake it out of my mind until I eat or smoke. Then the guilt sets in. And around and round we go. Merry-go-round emotions.. You can give Mac your condolences

Sunday- I can't stop moving. Now it's time to catch up on all the crap I didn't do on Saturday. I finally got all my really summery shit out of my closet and boxed and hang up all my new purchases. Another lovely side effect of bi-polar. Spending money. Anyhoo.. Mac even remarked that he had forgotten what my couch looked like.


I then made chocolate mousse from scratch, banana bread and a pesto pasta dish I concocted. Gotten fatten them all up for the slaughter.

Oops. i said that out loud. I just keep telling the kids that the alter is for all Mommies pretties. They aren't entirely convinced daggers and cauldrons are pretty though.

So that's about the pace with me. Dead to the world or shimming around like a caffeinated ferret.

Peace to ya Mother's.

Oct 12, 2007

If I had balls they would feel like this.

It's been one of those weeks folks. I've managed to burn my forearm on the oven door, bite the same spot inside my cheek several dozen times and kick my own shin. Captain Klutz has nothing on me.

I will get around to reading all your wonderful blogs REAL soon!

AND... Happy Happy HAPPY Birthday to Pookie

and Buckaroo Banzai!

You guys ROCK...Love you crazy kids!

Oct 8, 2007

Does hobbling count as child abuse?

Well let's just say it was humbling weekend. I learned alot about my role as a parent and teacher. I feel as if I've failed and therefore set in motion actions that never should have occurred. This is how the story goes-

Thursday afternoon. My son and his friend Jacob skate down to an apartment belonging to another little boy at their school. The rumor is, the boy and his friend were being the heavies of another boy who got beat up by the boy in the apartment. Idiots retaliate.
So, they skate over to these apartments and knock on the door. The boy answers and let's Jacob in, but not my son. Apparently they taunt him to the point that he beats on the door with his skateboard causing the actual door the split and then he breaks the kitchen window and enters the apartment.

Can you say Breaking and Entering?!

Then he fights the boy in the apartment. They slug it out awhile and then he and Jacob take of skating with the parents cigars to smoke. The best part is I get to pay all the damages..


Where did I go wrong? My son has always been such a mild mannered and caring little boy. This caught me so off guard I don't know what to think. I know kids are mischievous but WTF! The punishment I hope will last with him for years, but I doubt it. Besides being our little slave and loosing all modern privileges I think some public humiliation might be in order.

I like to break into

peoples houses because

I want to go to the penitentiary

Just imagine holding that sign on the busiest corner in town. Too harsh? I really don't think so..
Ideas anyone?

Oct 4, 2007

I'm a Tarot retard.

I decided awhile back that I really didn't have enough to do with my job, being a mother, getting to the gym sporatically and blogging that I would learn how to read tarot cards.. I iz a jeen-yus.
So, I went to the book store, bought the cards etc.. The really
medieval ones that even the most seasoned pagan couldn't read. The antiquated language leaves me..well feeling stupid to say the least. I think I am doing so good. I seem to be out of my fucking mind understanding each card in my Celtic Cross formation and THEN I get to 9th card meant to represent inner hopes, hidden emotions, fears etc.. and I get the 5 of Wands.

5 0f Wands Definition- Petty arguements between groups of people. A sham of a fight. A squabble. Yet of course many different cards have many different meanings.
*Ok so, I either hope groups of people fight, or I fear a sham squabble.*

Oh.Em.Eff.BeGeeNess.. I suck at this. What kind of
Pagan am I? Definetly the kind that won't get invited to the next Hot Wicca Mama's Bake Sale, I can assure you.

Too top it off, the 10th card meant to represent the final results (Sum total of all other cards) is
the Fool.

The Fool Definition- Innocence, Blinded by ignorance, the novice.
*Well no shit Sherlock. I wouldn't have bought the damn book if I thought I could master this today. So apparently this is some big cosmic ha- ha. Lesson learned.

Or Not. I'm already shopping for my next deck of cards. The really
pretty ones. And the Idiot's Guide.

Oct 3, 2007

When I need a laugh..

This picture always does it!!

Or this one :)
You see Mac always gets the raw deal here.

Oct 1, 2007

Seasonal Cooties

Sorry guys if my posts have been sporatic and lacking any real reason. I've had this I can't fucking breathe chest cold. I sit here looking at the computer and absolutely nothing comes to me. I'll spare you the details of hacking up my left lung or what color it was, and just say I am here in spirit.

In other news, apparently the Filipinos can use their cell phones as
virtual wallets. If a phone were to replace my purse right now, it would weigh 50lbs. God knows I might need that $30.00 in change I carry in the bottom. What if I found myself in a really expensive pay toilet or pay a hooker I decided to ride the bus. Is that fancy shmancy little phone gonna pay a taxi driver? I think not. I'm not sure I trust this technology enough to give it my money. With my luck I would accidently text my money to Aljazeer.net and get arrested for siding with terrorists. No thank you. I take alot of comfort knowing I could live out of my purse for several days. My phone and I, well we're just not that close yet.