Aug 31, 2007

The Montrocity has Left the Building

This is a piece of equipment we manufactured in our little corner of the oilfield. It has been a headache because for some unknown reason it refused to come together and work properly. It has been a stressful ordeal, to the point, I sleep on the job and throw up in my own lap. (Long story...)

At any rate it is done, it is gone. Good riddance Goddamned Accumulator!

It's Friday...let's party. Or if you're me, we take a nap.

Have a wonderful weekend all!! :)

Aug 30, 2007

A Brief Look at Today.

Just an example of what NOT to get caught doing at work.

Insert title here.

Warning.. If you have a weak stomach, disregard this post!

Not much going on here kiddies. The soreness has gone away pretty much. My douchebag doctor finally gave me some real pain meds. If I had known all I had to do was squeeze his nuts in a vice grip, I would have done it alot sooner.

Speaking of nuts, Just for all AL I found something he would really like- Enjoy
If you liked that, then you will really Dig This

Wow, this blog has really been taking a raunchy turn for the worse.

Blame it on the Rain

Peace out my minions..

Aug 28, 2007

In all the Britney excitement

I forgot to mention, Boo and I are going to the gym. There has been some extreme fucking agony slight discomfort from working out for an hour straight. I am indeed a stupid ass. Just jump right in there and go full speed ahead. I have never learned to pace myself. This seems to be the M.O. I have adopted in life. Besides being an O.C.D. nightmare at time, I feel I must add injury to it, to make me such a pissy little puta slightly disagreeable person. This hasn't gone unnoticed in my household. We will of course head back to the sadistic hell place gym tonight.You can send your sympathies over Macguff's way. I am sure he could use the encouragement.

And apparently
there are nude gyms.

Aug 27, 2007

Rants of Late

I have lost all respect I might have had for Allure Magazine when I received Sept. issue. To my dismay, they have chosen to feature the dingy Poptart herself, Ms. Britney Spears. On the cover no less…

Why does this bother me you ask? If you don’t care, too bad I will tell you anyways. Allure is like my Holy Grail for all things beautiful. Everything I have learned in life, I learned from this magazine. How to apply eyeliner to my eyebrows, when to wax my pootie poo lip and how to lose 25 lbs. by standing on your head. Ok, I made the last one up, but you know what I mean. Then bam, out of nowhere I have to look at the teen pop princess turned twat exposer in my bible of perfume samples. This will not go unnoticed Allure Magazine. Just please don’t cancel my subscription. I am dying to find out if the
fatties have lost more weight..

I was sickened to read the photographers ass kissing praises of this one.
“In many photographs you see of her she seems to be an unwilling participant.” But she voluntarily posed for Allures September cover, shot by Michael Thompson in Santa Monica on April the 25th.
Give me a break! I have seen the girl’s twat more times than I care to admit. She seems very unwilling to wear panties is the real problem. The poor thing doesn’t get enough attention, so then she subjects us the vagina that the ate the Titanic. Come on Britney, have some self respect. At least get
Larry Flynt to pay you to show off your shit.

In this p
hoto- “I wanted to capture the free spirit Britney so I photographed her on the floor and let her do what she wanted”.
He is brave man, because she could have broke out the 12 incher and went to town and I am not talking about her handbag. “The singer chose to pose topless”, he also added.
He almost sounded surprised…

Britney of course had to add her two cents. “Everyone thinks of you as not human when you are 18 years old”. Well duh, join the rest of society. She went on, and this was the clencher-“I just want to be a normal girl” (what like Springer material, because your doing a bang up job) “I don’t want to be a role model, except maybe to my little sister”. Ok look you stupid cunt, you ARE a role model because you are famous for singing really bad songs that appeal to 12 year olds. And you ARE a role model because you choose to do outrageous acts of sheer idiocracy in public with your other slutty friends. And for Bejebuses sake, you ARE a role for your children. Won’t they get a pleasant surprise when they get old enough to archive their mother’s photos and get more than they bargained for. Grow the fuck up you stupid, stupid redneck trash. And that’s all I have to say about that. I have to work now. I have a real job!

Aug 23, 2007

A Lesson in Skateboarding

Featuring the fruit of my loins-

myspace graphic

and typical Me attitude.

myspace graphic

So I got my R-E-S-E

With a little P-C-T yesterday. I called Larry up myself and told him I didn't appreciate the manner in which he spoke to me and if he needed to verify anything he needed to speak to the owner of the company and not one of my peers. I explained that he had no right doing that and if it happened again I would go to the head of the back and have a little conversation about the lacky's he is employing.

Poor guy couldn't back peddle fast enough.

I am expecting my fruit basket shortly.


Aug 21, 2007

I Get No Respect

Find out what it means to me
Take out
A little respect.....

This is what I didn't get from the Vice Dickhead at our company bank. I have been dealing with all the finances for 5 years now. I have dealt with him on a regular basis all this time and now the asshole calls the office manager who is my sister- in- law and also the owner's daughter. I am the just the daughter- in -law of the owner so I don't rate.

ANYHOO... This douche calls this morning because he didn't think my paycheck was legitimate. I answered the phone and... this is what I got-

Larry(dickhead)- Put Tammy on the phone.
Me- She is on the other line, can I help you?
Larry-I doubt it.
Me- Ok
Larry- It is a private matter about the checks.
Me- Well I am the financial manager, I can help you.

(You see folks, I am the ONLY one who can access our bank information on line.)

Larry- Just put Tammy on the line
Me- Whatever Larry- (yes,I have an attitude) Macguffin knows this well :)

So after the conversation, I find out it was my checks in question. As if I haven't ever received a check here before. As if the same fucking checks haven't come through their system for 6 damn years!!!! That is 52 fucking checks a year!
So NOW apparently I steal the money.
Fuck a bunch of him...

I want to shove a q-tip in his eye.

Aug 20, 2007

Can't get it together today.

My brain is temporarily out of service. See you all tomorrow..

Aug 16, 2007

I am Not Worthy!!

Pauline has bestowed on me this fantastic award! I can't express how super sweet and smart this lady is. She is a real gem in the blogging world.. Thank you so much! :}

These are my pics for this award. The true talent and where I draw constant inspiration-

1. Al- He always has something clever to allow and never fails to add a new perspective to the comment box. Or maybe I am jealous because he can walk up mountains for 12 hours and my only skill is cultivating my booger farm.

2. Pookie- She is "Out of Pocket Currently" but will be back soon I hope. She is definetly an ispiration. I can only say that this lady is a true joy to know. I lub her toooo much!

3. Etain- Through all her struggles she tries so hard. If she gets knocked down, she comes right back again! Tough little cake monkey this one is! :)

4. Silverneurotic- Her life is crazy, but she never fails to amuse me. A very sweet lady indeed.

5. Big Pissy- Always a new adventure with her. The busiest beaver of them all. I am inspired by her weight loss (bitch), and her fabulous good looks. (Trout) A truly gifted lady!! :)

Aug 15, 2007

Aug 14, 2007

Modern Day Chiropractic or Are We Still in the Dark Fucking Ages??!

This is my newest bruise. The picture is grainy because I took it on my cell phone. I didn't want to give you too much detail..

Anyhoo... I got this from a hip adjustment yesterday. My hip actually does feel alot better, but this spot hurts like hell! I am not here to whine, I just am amazed that with today's modern medicine that practices like this are still used. I just wish there were an easier way.

In 1895 Daniel David Palmer began using chiropractic procedures to relieve patients ailments. Although these practices often work, it can still be an uphill battle to feel better.

Sometimes, I just wonder if I am wasting my time and money to ease the symptoms of a much larger problem that cannot be fixed.

I am beginning to feel like a Guinea Pig. I would like to ask you all how you feel about Chiropractors, since there has been so much debate about mine.

It seems brutal, but I have received a little relief and he is widely known in being able to treat patients without surgery, which I feel is a really good thing.

So what do you all think about this. I am always up for some feedback?...

Aug 13, 2007

My Simpsonized Self at Work

Halleluhua!!! Monday is all most over!!!
I couldn't be more thrilled.

Aug 12, 2007

The Zoo Pics

The was the cutest little zoo. The animals were so close it was eerie. Actually the first zoo I have been to in which the animals seemed very content to be here.

Aug 10, 2007

Evening Redemption

she wasn't taking it
hopping into his beloved auto

her mess of insignificant
the valium on the headboard

the winding roads and
twisted threads
of a wasted life

it was evening redemption
for her cause

last nights bottle
rolling under her feet
stifled by
her almost life

blazing down the lonely road
lost in her own place
her world of want
never getting her need

eyes ablaze as the bridge
comes into sight

twisted metal
chard's of cement floating by
the water draws closer
like blue and green

the bastard
poor abusive bastard
meaningless waste of flesh
sleeping in his beloved

asphyxiating on this mornings
and the gas streaming
out of the oven

Aug 9, 2007

IDaHo dAy tWo

The second day we went to this fabulous skate park.

We packed up a picnic lunch and just sat out under the trees, breathing in some clean air.

Grandma watched nervously everytime he came down the ramp. I had to hold her back when he fell. We had to keep our distance as not to-

"MOTHER" him to death. But don't worry, I managed to get some "my little babies" in on him, in front of the cool kids.

She came to see Sk8ter Boi's, or some shit like that.
She's a big walking hormone anyways.
She has no feelings..

At sunset we went to the snake river so I could get in some more camera time. This is the Mormon Temple. Very cool building I thought.

The falls on the Snake River. This river has giant turbines under it to produce electricity for the city of Idaho Falls. You really shouldn't swim here :)

The Boy really loved it here. But who wouldn't?

I was tempted to push, but they haven't finished my laundry yet.

This is the tower over the city Electric plant. My grandpa worked in the main building (Under the River) Yikes! monitering the turbines. He retired from there a few years ago. I can tell you as a child walking UNDER the river was hairy scary..

Aug 8, 2007

No Time!!


Sorry guys, I haven't been to great at keeping up with posts. I have many more pictures and stories to relay, just haven't had the time.
Bare with me all, I am catching up. I will finish getting my pictures loaded on the computer tonight.

Why do kids find it necessary to go back to school looking all slick and shit?
Why do they think it is my duty to feed them?
Do kids really need NEW paper to write on?
Is the pen I found in the alley NOT good enough?
and why must at least one or all the children in my house be in the bathroom when I am on the can?
Maybe I traumatized them with all the gay transgendered midget porn, I kept in their dressers..

Aug 6, 2007

Idah0 ARrival day oNe

The boy was very excited about his first airplane ride. So excited in fact, he shoved this lid in his mouth. He was all smiles until he realized that it was stuck. After 30 minutes of tugging, stretching and drooling profusely it did come out.
Being the caring mother that I am, I sat back and watched the show.

Yep, them kids is stoopid sumtimes.

Boo is muy happy to be on the ground again.

This how I make an entrance. You should see the looks I get at Target.

This is the reason Boo and I rarely take pictures together. Madness always ensues.

This is Belle. My mom rescued her from the pug rescue group. She was kept in a small breeding cage for the first part of her life and then with big dogs who chewed off her tail and one of her toes. She is the sweetest little thing and has this "issue" with said tail. She spins around trying to grab the nub and then just sits and stares at it for awhile. She also can't run a straight line. She only runs in circles. She is so happy to have a forever home and my mama spoils her rotten. I am happy they have each other now.

My Grandpa Bud. He is such a great guy. My boy took to him like white on rice. It warmed my little heart to see them bonding :)

Grandma is the bestest cook in the whole world. She helped me find those 7 pounds I thought I had lost.

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Mom, me and Boo. I look like an insane turtle here! I also realized Boo could easily kick my ass these days.
All pictures taken at my mom's house.