Feb 21, 2010

New York City bound..

By this time tomorrow folks we will be in the Big Apple!! That's New York fucking City!
This has been a dream that I never thought would happen in a million years. Not only am I going to experience all the sites, sounds, and smells( awe the smells) but I get to see it with the one person who makes me feel like I am worth seeing it with. I can't say enough about the boy.. What I can say is Remarkable. The one person who embodies all the qualities I thought could never be combined into one being indeed does exist and he is mine. Thank you for being you and loving me. Though the past has been filled with turmoil and pain, you were walking it too hand in hand on a different plane. I owe you my existence..


Jay said...

Have a great trip!!

Blancodeviosa said...

thanks jay!! as long as i have a house to come home to after leaving 2 teenagers home alone then i will say it was a successful trip!!