Mar 5, 2010

Joose Blues

Has anyone heard of this shit? In my personal opinion it should be banned. My little story starts out like this....

Last night my 18 year old daughter came home after drinking some of these. I was almost asleep on the couch when I heard her yelling "Springer" style at her fiance. So..

I get up to see what all the racket is about and she can barely stand up. Her fiance' Hunter is trying to make his escape for the night but she goes to swinging, yelling and pulling his hair. He hugs me and apologizes profusely because apparently he knows what this crap does to her.

In my mom way I tell her to calm down, but that just infuriated her to the point she attacks me. (Mind you she is quit a bit bigger than my little scrawny ass). I guess that pissed me off because before I knew it I had her down and punched her. I am not a violent person. I hate it with a passion..

She managed to get a hold of my hair and it took me and my 14 yr old son 20 minutes to get her hands off. I still have the knot to prove it. Every time I would let her up she attacked again. Finally my son called her fiance' to come help. We all had to hold her until finally out of desperation we tied her hands and feet together. Sounds cruel, but she was hallucinating and calling out to people that weren't even here.

Now if this stuff can provoke people to blackout violence, Do you think it's safe?!!

I don't think so..

Even the FDA has threatened to ban it

Something has to be done about this. If you literally have to restrain someone after they drink it then somethings very wrong. She has no memory about last nights events.

I am going to post a couple of videos of the event, (she's yelling at me) and it is graphic so beware. This will clearly illustrate why it is so dangerous. We need to get this off the shelves for the safety of our children who have made it very popular.


Jay said...

Holy shit!

Well, at least you have a great home video to show everyone at the reception after he wedding. ;-)

Blancodeviosa said...

lol jay.. true dat. i am so proud

日日夜夜 said...


Big Pissy said...

Good LORD!!!!!!!!!

I hope she's OK now!

eric1313 said...


That stuff is crazy. All of it. While down south I found a new favorite drink (errrr). Vegas Bomb. It's Crown Royal, Peach Schnaps and Red Bull. I also like Malibu Coconut Rum with Red Bull, that is actually even tastier. But the bad part is you can not tell how drunk you are while all that energy drink crap flows through your veins.

But, I did learn self control for once in my life. I capped myself at 1 or 2 drinks per night, except on special occasions. If I were still in my twenties, I would probably have Hot Springs Jail stories to tell...