Mar 4, 2010

Who quits their job in this economy?


I am in a place I havent been in quite awhile. If stress at your job becomes so big and your paychecks bounce I guess it's time to move on. But where? Now I begin this fantastic voyage that is job hunting. EH..
But what am I doing currently? Blogging.
Somehow I seem to be lost and don't know where to start. I feel like I just walked into a hoarders house and have been told to clean it.

Which by the way.. I have.
My 18 year old just moved herself, her boyfriend and they're 3 dogs and a bird right back home with Mama.
Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck.

These people are complete pigs and have managed to move their filth into the land of OCD. Overwhelmed does not describe it..
Why did I let this happen??

Cuz I'm Stoopid

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